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Montana Timber Products is a premier supplier of prefinished and textured wood products which serve as a premium alternative to reclaimed or recycled material. We offer this premier wood siding for installation in the Denver area.

At their specialty sawmill, they craft renewable prefinished solid wood products such as exterior siding, flooring, paneling, decking, fascia, trim and accents that are hand-crafted in the weathered barn wood style to add vintage style to your home, barn, business, or development.

Montana Timber Products promote healthy forests, and provides the benefits and beauty of reclaimed wood without sacrificing historical structures.

All Montana Timber Products wood siding have natural, specially formulated aging and sealing ingredients, which waterproofs the product to protect against mold, mildew, cracking, splitting, and warping.

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Montana Timber Products are Eco-Friendly
Montana Timber Products provide a wide-range of eco-friendly, sustainable products that are produced from timbers and logs that have been harvested through sustainable forestry practices.

The predominant method is Single Tree Selection where foresters select individual trees for harvesting. The cut logs are then removed with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

This method creates openings in the forest canopy allowing more precipitation, sunlight, and nutrients reach the forest floor which ensures the future health of other trees.

They also promote and use sealers and finishes that have zero to low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) this decision to promote these products far exceeds the current siding industry standards for wood siding in Denver, Co.

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Ranchwood™ Wood Siding
ranchwood™ is commonly utilized for exterior siding and trim. It is the preferred substitute for budget conscious owners considering reclaimed material as well as those who may desire to upgrade from typical stained cedar options. Manufactured from kiln dried full dimension rough cut No. 2 and better Douglas Fir, ranchwood™ emulates the material utilized to construct the windswept barns and homesteads of the past.

The horizontal and vertical siding selections are often designed with various profile options to distinguish from each other. The exterior trim selections are often offset with color or texture to accentuate from the siding selection.

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AquaFir™ Wood Siding
AquaFir™ is the prefinished wood siding option of choice for owners searching for a product which has both character and an easy long term maintenance solution. AquaFir™, prefinished with our NO VOC water based Seal Once™ waterproofer, has a monochromatic finish that includes some variation and texture. AquaFir™ siding is manufactured from our No. 2&Better full dimension kiln dried Douglas Fir substrate and available in the following sizes: 1″x2″ up to 1″x12″ as well as our 2″ material ranging from 2″x2″ to 2″x12″.

Available in a variety of textures, profiles, and colors our AquaFir™ product line has grown in popularity as a rustic alternative which has reduced long term maintenance costs that include a limited warranty against water ingress.

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Charwood™ Wood Siding
Charwood™ is a Japanese style charred wood called Shou-Sugi-Ban – a process method that dates back hundreds of years. The technique adds beauty and longevity, as well as a resistance to rot, pests, and fire.

Once the siding is profiled, textured, charred, and brushed; a sealer is applied to bring out the gray, silver, black, or brown wood tones. This technique, along with our sealer, provides a long lasting layer. Using No.2 & Better Doug Fir, Charwood’s aesthetic appeal meets the specification for today’s Modern design aspirations.

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Corral Board Wood Siding
Corral Board is an authentic reclaimed wood product that encompasses the history of the West. Weathered from decades of prairie winds, sun, and precipitation, it is left with a silver patina finish, bands of moss, and authentic fastener holes. Whether used for siding, trim, or paneling, Corral Board will bring an authentic beauty to your home. We offer this product in 1×4-1×12, 2×4-2×12, random length 4′-20′. The species is Douglas Fir and Pine.

"We solicited bids from four contractors before selecting GS, who provided a prompt quote that was significantly lower than any others. We were also impressed with their experience. Our siding had to be replaced because of a product defect from another manufacturer, and Ernest was also helped us document our claim, which no one else offered to do. Crews showed up on time, were courteous and professional, and went the extra mile to get the job done on time -- waiting out storms rather than quitting, etc. Overall, we were extremely pleased with the quality of the work and working with people who communicated well."
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